Sardar Patel College of Nursing has stood above the rest in its approach to education and in its pedagogies. The ways we teach and the ways our students learn are unique and creative.  Consistently, we never hesitated to look into our deficiencies and transform us to an efficient agent of social change. It was quite inspiring to watch and witness the potential of our students unfolding at various stages and situations each day. The management and the faculty have been supportive of the various activities that were undertaken by the students in view of helping them reach the pinnacle of perfection and professionalism in whatever task they took on, thus strengthen  our journey of achieving excellence. I feel happy when the bright and talented students perform remarkably well. However what makes me happier is when a weak student from a rural background progresses steadily from poor performance to better performance, moving towards excellence. This has created renewed vigour and
vitality of sorts in its efforts to cope with challenges of the new digital world. As the technology improves dramatically worldwide, so are the challenges and opportunities. As the time goes by, our resolve to better the services to humanity will only grow. Even in the midst of unprecedented challenges, we make sure that our service to humanity is second to none in every step.

‘Excellence is achieved by continuous learning and application.’


Sardar Patel College of Nursing offers student-centered, accessible, affordable, and high quality academic programs. Our distinguished faculty, motivated students, dedicated staff, and engaged community partners share a common goal – achieving health equity of the global community through Academic Nursing, academic-practice partnerships, engaged and interdisciplinary  research, rigorous scientific inquiries, and community impacts.
For over 11 years, we have shown a proven record of preparing graduates for being professional nurses, advanced nurse practitioners, clinical nurse educators, academic and practice and nurse leaders. Our graduates help transform the nation’s healthcare to be accessible, affordable, coordinated, high quality, and improve health outcomes for diverse populations, families, and communities. 
We embrace the core values of caring, diversity, integrity, and leadership, and continue to strive for excellence to achieve our strategic goals – high quality and innovative academic programs, student success, technology integration, research advancement, and productive partnerships from local to global.
This is what we do at  Sardar Patel College of Nursing – making a visible and transformative impact at home and around the world. I welcome you to browse our website,   and meet our talented and caring faculty, staff, and students! 

We are driven by doing. We collectively and strategically build a vision to excel! The real Service to Humanity!


Welcome to Sardar patel college of nursing – The centre of nursing excellence.  Nurses are the cornerstone of the nation’s health care industry. The not only offer care and comfort, but also serve as role models for good health care. While there are many factors that can contribute to one’s success in the nursing profession, there is mounting evidence that quality education is one of the most important components. nursing excellence is to  merge education, research, professional development and innovation to support clinical practice. The opportunity for a nurse are varied and limitless. A new professional nurse may choose between clinical practice, education, research, management, administration, occupational and industrial nursing. Nursing occupies the largest bulk of the health care force. Health care industry is transforming itself day by day. Our faculty at sardar patel college of nursing is committed to the development of nursing professionals of Global standard, having high sense of scholarship and A deep commitment of service to humanity.