M.Sc. ( Nursing )

About the Programme

M.Sc. Nursing is a two-year post-graduate program that focuses on in-depth advanced nursing knowledge, techniques, and concepts. The program includes disciplines such as Advance Nursing Practical, Clinical Specialty, Nursing Management and administration, Nursing Research and statistics which prepare students to manage and perform their responsibilities efficiently in health care settings.

Students in the M.Sc. in the nursing program learn to collaborate, evaluate data, interpret results, think critically, develop logical conclusions, and make composite decisions. In an active learning setting, the program’s curriculum allows students to design feasible solutions to real-life circumstances and tackle the issues in the nursing profession.

Candidates will also learn about the ethical and legal issues of nursing in the healthcare industry as part of the program. Furthermore, the focus is on providing knowledge about the commonalities among various diseases. Aspirants also receive a thorough awareness of the relationship between sickness and symptoms, which aids in the detection of issues.