In the competitive world of today, survival is not just a matter of qualification but one of qualification with competence.

I am consciously aware that, in the State of Madhya Pradesh presently there are more than 250 Education Institutions approved by the INC, which are operating under the banner of different Universities situated in the State.

More than half the numbers are situated in and around Bhopal, the capital of the State and majority of these colleges are fairly young and are aspiring to reach the top of the table to attract the best brains at the admission stage. Sardar Patel Group of Institutions is one of my prime dream project. I know if it has to sustain the competition and stand at the top of the table it should be possible only through the super table quality infrastructure, highly qualified and dedicated faculty and an administration giving top priority to discipline. I am not compromising on any among these. I know it requires quite some attention, energy, finances and vision on my part, I am being practical and libral. I, as the Chairman of Sardar Patel Group of Institutions, assure you that the colleges will provide and assist all the candidates in pursuing their goals.

It is with this purpose that our colleges has initiated measures not just to encourage students to pursue their education purposefully but also to provide additional competency through educating them with Information Technology.

I hope the students who step into our institutions will use the facilities available and attain their goals.

I wish you all the very best.