Aim of Nursing College 

The Aim of the college is to prepare competent nurses as well as graduate nurses who will assume first level responsibilities in the hospital and community in providing promotional, preventive, curative

and rehabilitative services.

Objective of Nursing College

The Objective of the Nursing College is to provide quality nursing education in an environment that facilitates all-round development of the students. The College strives hard to prepare nurses as well as graduate nurses who will be conscientious in their actions, knowledgeable in the field and responsible to self and others.

Our Vision

To make this College, an institution of repute in the field of nursing education, which would offer need-based academic programmer, suited to the ever-changing needs and demands of the health care sector.

Our Mission

To impart Quality Nursing Education and prepare Competent, Caring and Compassionate Nursing Professionals, who will make a difference to the lives of all: be it the healthy or sick and needy individuals of the society at large.